Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Desserts

Aaaand we're back! Thank you all again for your patience - now that we're home, it's time to keep you all updated with the rest of our adventure. 

I had known heading into Austria that it was the land of delicious desserts, but I wasn't expecting the amazing range of tasty treats that we'd encounter! (Though I doubt the average tourist gets to sample all of the delectable home-baking that we were spoiled with!) And without further ado, bring on the desserts:

Ah, the Lohnsburger Bakery...there were really too many things to chose from, (sweet and savoury - more on that later!), but everything was delicious. It's such a popular bakery, it even has a truck delivery service! Where we were staying, it came on Saturday mornings - when you heard the horn sound, everyone from the surrounding houses would descend upon the van filled with goodies. Bread? Sure! Pastries? No problem. Cakes? Why not! It was lucky for our waist size that it only came once a week.

An Eis Cafe from the Lohnsburger Bakery. When I ordered an Eis Cafe, ('ice coffee'), I imagined it to be similar to a North American iced coffee - regular coffee over ice. Not in Austria - try half coffee, half ice cream. Now that's how it should be!

 Tom's eyes popped out when he ordered this delicious dessert: eis palatschinken, which is ice cream in a crepe, usually covered in icing sugar and whipped cream, and maybe some chocolate sauce for good measure.

One of my favourite desserts: Heiße Liebe. This delicious concoction is vanilla ice cream covered in a hot raspberry sauce and whipped cream. It contains fruit, so it must be healthy, right? 
 Bring on the krapfen! A specialty of Tom's Oma, these are a cross between a doughnut and  a beavertail, but better. After eating about 3 each, we thought we were going to explode, but it was worth it. 

 Iiiiit's cherrrry pie! (Rose, this one's for you!)

 One of Tom's three birthday cakes! 

 Almost every afternoon we headed to a family member's house for coffee and dessert, a perfect opportunity to see everyone, and to try all the various cakes and squares!
And yet another birthday cake, the lucky guy :)

Two crucial Austrian sweets that I now cannot live with out: Manner wafer cookies and Mozartkugel!

Phew, I'm full just posting this! As you can see, we definitely didn't starve, (or lack any sugar!) while in Austria. More Austrian posts to come, and I promise I'll try to show some other aspects of our trip besides food - though it may not be easy :)


  1. Oh my god, did you really eat all of that? I am very envious. That Heiße Liebe looks so good. I also love those Manner wafers and Mozarts balls. Did you visit Demel in Vienna?

  2. Hi Edmund! I have to admit that yes, I did eat all of them :)
    We walked by Demel, but didn't eat there - it looked delicious! I'll write more about all of the delicious Viennese desserts next post!